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  • Healthy people have a hundred wishesPeople with no health have only one desire: Health


In recent years, the tendency to “give gifts of health” is gaining popularity because it not only embraces the human meaning but also as a profoundly inexpressible gratitude to the good or the good. Dear ones, respectful leaders.
The hand-held rescue machine is a unique health gift that is full of great significance. This is the result after 14 years of research Pham Thi Pon’s desire to contribute to improving public health.


“Prevention is better than cure” is very important, should not go to the disease and then go to the physician. That is our motto and hope is also the motto of everyone.

Khanh Thien Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company always treats each innovation as a pleasure to contribute to the improvement and care of the health of the community. We would like to always be healthy with the Saving Machine and Khanh Thien Khanh Thien …

Manual machine wormwood

Using a sphinx and worm medicine to heal we turn the worm pill that has been burned out to reach the heat and the worm oil that penetrates deep into the cure needed to heal.

Prevention wormwood

  • Saturday April 1st, 2017

    Moxibustion machine: Resuscitation paralysis hemiplegia after stroke

    Read moreMoxibustion machine: Resuscitation paralysis hemiplegia after stroke. Very productive. Bring you the best experience instead of the traditional, time-consuming salvage that affects your health.
  • Tuesday March 14th, 2017


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  • Tuesday March 14th, 2017


    Read moreSymptoms: Women to have regular menstrual cycles colic, backache, tired, headache, Cold limbs ( in some cases severe vomiting)
  • Tuesday March 14th, 2017


    Read moreThere are many causes of headaches. Introduced here, headache status of patients infected outer feeling wind, cold, humid…
  • Tuesday March 14th, 2017


    Read moreSymptoms: Pain in neck and nape , very difficult to turn back or can't turn back, press on shoulder nape feeling pain, pain spreading to the shoulder blades and arms,…

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