Treat the infant crying in the night (“Dạ đề”) by wormwood

14 March, 2017
14 March, 2017

An old quote says :”The effort of parents is sky high and ocean deep”. It describes the hardship of parents in growing their children. It is even more meaningful to those parents who have sick children, slow to grow,… For the couple have tried so hard for a child, the baby is such an unspeakable joy, yet also a wish, a worry in their heart. It is a wish of God’s grace on the child for a good health and appetite for well growing. It is a worry of fickle weather now rainy then sunny. They feed t each spoon of the best food, prepare the softest diaper ,and  buy the most beautiful toy for their kids. Nowadays, a lot of young parents do not have the fundamental and essential knowledge to take care of their children. Therefore, that responsibility is usually shared by grandparents as a beautiful and meaningful voluntary.

The spouses of a colonel and an assistant professor, Dr. Tr. Tr. B. is a typical pair of described grandparents in new era. Because they just had their grandchild not long ago. Mr. and Mrs. Tr. Tr. B. are in the circumstance of being late are rare. By nearly forty years old, they had their only son. With the tradition of  Vietnam People's Army, the son is named as Tr. MH. He grew up in the wholehearted care of parents. In response to his parent's expectation, he was a good student. Whether at highschool or university, he always achieved very good results. Before Tet holiday last year, he got married. Last December, his wife gave birth to a cute boy, the man of family in Vietnamese custom.

At 8pm, 14th of Jan 2006, Mr B called me and share the wonderful news of his new nephew. At the same time, he asked me advices for the boy’s night crying. On phone, I told him some therapies. At the end of the call, I advised him to use wormwood bar burn above the acu-point of “Bach hoi”. In the past, when both of us were working together on a national project, I had introduced him the method of using the wormwood bar, he still remembered it very clearly.

He carefully repeated the way to use wormwood to check with me. He said :”Burn the wormwood bar, wait until all the head of the bar is burned. One hand takes the wormwood bar, the other hand is like the measure, make sure that the wormwood bar is 2-3cm above the moxi-point. Heat from the wormwood bar penetrates into the points, make the baby’s scalp turn slightly red. Cannot put the bar too near, will cause burns to the child. After 5-7 min, until all the skin area around the moxi-points becomes slightly red, the treatment is done”. I told MrB :”

What a memory.” He said “Sometimes I apply moxibustion for myself and family members to cure some common diseases so I can still remember.” Almost 10pm on 17th Jan 2006, he called me and said: “The first night, I apply moxibustion for him, he cried less. After the second night, he cried mush lesser. After the third time, he stopped crying. Lucky me, all of us can be relieved from the worry of insomnia, and being exhausted of taking care of the child, especially the mother and the grandmother.” After saying thank, he promised to visit me in next few days. Even though he has retired, he is still very active. With the fluent foreign language skills, he is always willing to work with units who need help with Russian. Whenever he has chance, he comes to visit me. Therefore, even though it has been more than 20 years since the last time we were colleagues at the Military Medical Academy, our relationship is still very good with our respect to one another. The character I like the most at him is that he always seeks for the scientific facts of the problem. Hence, knowing that he would surely ask me about the reasons for crying at night of the children, I have prepared some documents for him:

Book of pediatric oriental medicine wrote:

“Dạ đề”, the word means "night scream", a type of crying without tears. The infant is quiet during the day time, but the night crying non-stop. It happens every night, like following some rules, so it is called "night scream." If it happens because the infant has oral acnes, hurt by milk; fever; or newly weaned; has habit of watching night lights; or changing circumstances that led to the night crying, those problems are not within the scope of this article, make a clear difference to handle properly.

Reasons of disease:

There are 3 reasons: heaty organs, cold spleen and scare:

         Heaty organs: the new born babies, because of the accumulated heat from the womb, the organs have so much heat, it keeps inflaming the body, which leads to night crying.

         Cold spleen: the new born babies who are physically weak, coldness accumulated in the spleen, night time when evil flows prosper, gas flows got stagnant, cannot circulate, until the whole body system become dormant. Or it is because of colic for long time, crying nonstop.

         Scare: the new born babies are vulnerable, sensitive to the strange sounds or things, being over scared will disturb the sleep, bust out to tears.

According to the ancient oriental zodiac, children born at “night crying” hours will have night crying syndrome. The night crying hours are:

          In the winter is hour of cat. In the spring is hour of horse.

          In the summer is hour of rooster. In the autumn is hour of mouse.

Beside the method of moxibustion at the “BáchHội” point, there is a simply remedy not requiring professional knowledge like wormwood moxibustion.

Book “Y tôngkimgiám” (written by NgôKhiêm) says the remedy is “Thiềnhoatán”. The ingredients and dispensing method as below:

Cicada skin (Thiền y), take out head and legs and pound to the smooth powder. Take 1g of mint, decoct. Mix with 1-3g of cicada skin powder for kids to drink.

Hope that Mr B can use his experience to cure for his nephew, and teach other people too. Dear colleagues and all the parents, grandparents reading this article will have a precious knowledge for your family. 

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