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Improving health and kidney physiology

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14 March, 2017

Increased productivity with Moxibustion machine

14 March, 2017

Improving health and kidney physiology: Prevention and cure ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION

The ancients had a saying: Kidney is the source of life. The kidney afftects the development, aberration of the body, but the dysfunction of kidney  will lead to the diseases which are bad for the health and life of man.

For men: Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction – also known as impotence phenomenon or erection does not last long in males, this disease is not only difficult for married life of the patient, but also affects the dignity of man.The prompt treatment will seriously affect the quality of married life, bring a variety of disease.

Symptoms: No have sex but self-ejaculated, premature ejaculation, Sleeping and dreaming ejaculation ,penis can be erectile (Erectile dysfunction)…

How we prevent this illness:

For women: Frigid

Frigid means female sexual dysfunction which is related to both liver and kidneys. The causes are poison wind ,mostly inborn, emotional hurt.

Symptoms: There is no libido, lukewarm, and afraid of making love.

Moxibustion method: Ray and moxibustion acupoints symmetry as picture, especially the kidney point, Can du, Túc tam lý, dũng tuyền.

 Each day moxibustion from 1-2 times, each time 30-60 minutes. Save all an acute attack is maintained 1 time per day, done regularly until recovered. Combine nourishing moxibusiton to improve health, against  disease recurrence.

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