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Experimental process of application of KhanhThien Moxibustion Machine and Wormwood Bar.

   Experimental process of application of KhanhThien Moxibustion Machine and Wormwood Bar.

1. Emergency Acupuncture treatment

From the urgent common illness such as flu, headache, back pain, sciatica, nerve pain, seizures, facial paralysis, mouth distortion, torticollis (stiff neck neck pain), asthma, hiccups, vomiting, bloating, sores inflammation, toxic kinds boils, to the emergency diseases as fainting All this illness should be treated by positively and timely using Moxibustion” treatment, which might result in a good, fast, sometimes mental effects (immediate) after only a few times.

2. treatment of chronic debilitating:

3. Burning wormwood bar in order to have a fresh air indoor

In cold weather or on the days with high humidity, people who live in houses suffer cold, sneezing, runny nose, should: use  Wormwood machine buring wormwood bar in order to remove cold and wet air.

4. Steam Bath Soak feet soak the entire body with the moxa powder:


In conclusion:


  Using a moxibustion machine and wormwood bar treatment at home is less expensive methods, not wasting time and traveling costs and patients do not have to wait in hospital but still effective treatment better patient safety, comfort, saving money and effort for the user.

  However, please also recommned patients not to abuse, not use moxibustion machine too long on a area of the surface of the skin. Please be careful with patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, coronary.

In our opinion, depending on the health statusrise and fall, patients should make a careful consideration to choose the appropriate acupuncture points to “moxibustiontreatment. So in this situation, they still need a physician’s consultation brought new high efficiency.