The application of Moxibustion Machine and Wormwood Bar is a scientific curing method with positive results and high practical values. Universalization of medical treatment with Moxibustion Machine and Wormwood Bar is such a scientifically and technologically essential task, which need to be involved in the program of public health care.

 Due to the development of modern life, the demand of health care services is continuously increasing. We desire to introduce to not only the physicians but also everyone a convenient, safe and modern tool to prevent and cure diseases. Our purposes is to preserve, improve, modernize the traditional medicine system, help it to develop internationally and give every single person the capability of taking care of their own health by Moxibustion Machine and Wormwood Bar.

“Prevention is better than cure” is an popular idiom to keep in mind, it is not advisable to see doctors only after you got sick. It is our motto, and hopefully it is yours as well.

 The Pharmaceutical Joint-stock Company Khanh Thien has considered that  each creative invention is a happiness when we can contribute our abilities to help people improve and take care of their health. We always want you to have good health with the care of Khanh Thien Moxibustion Machine and Wormwood Bar.

 In the spirit of inheriting, learning, accreting and developing, we are well pleased to present to you the products of Moxibustion Machine and Wormwood Bar. Hope to receive your great support.

Thank you with sincerity !

Wish you a great health !

Khanh Thien Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company


Author of research project: Physician Pham Thi Chan