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17 May, 2017
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20 June, 2017
The wormwood (also known as violet, cucumber, etc.) is a very popular and familiar plant with our life, is a folk remedy, is also a delicious food. .
It is because of that proximity that wormwood has naturally entered human life, bearing a very strong cultural meaning.

According to oriental medicine, wormwood rescued bitterness, tempered, entered the kidney. Leaves of wormwood can be used as medicine, temperament, bitter taste, non-toxic, net positive, twelve wisdom, positive feedback, blood gas, except low welding, Also commonly used in acupuncture. Therefore, wormwood is a medicine commonly seen in folk for a long time, used to stop bleeding, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, abdominal pain, low rheumatism … The leaves and wormwood are fragrant, Can banish mosquito flies, purify the air, antibacterial. In addition, wormwood safflower also has a beneficial effect on health. Wormwood has many essential oils, easy to burn, burn long, has the effect of healing circuit, so for thousands of years our father chose to use as a medicine for the method of “save”
According to legend, the general of the Han Dynasty – General Zhu Hui sick in a single operation, to find the source of water, he then let people dig down a hole, the worm grass into the pit and then burned for smoke. Rise up thick, then use the soil to fill the hole. If there is smoke around, there is a source of water. The authenticity of the legend has not been verified, but it can be seen in the cold, but humid, nature of the grass.
In ancient times, wormwood can be used to look like foxes. The future scholars of the study prove that it is very possible that the ancient grass used by the ancients is the wormwood of today.In addition, wormwood is a good fuel for fire fighting. In ancient times, fire was very important to humans and so wormwood and its miraculous properties had a very important place.
Perhaps it is because of the wonderful characteristics of this grass that in feng shui, revered worship is a kind of god that can exorcise, gas deprivation, dispel the cold cold, refining poison. For the ancients, diseases, mosquitoes, and snakes are also harmful evil spirits, so they often hang the wormwood in front of the house, just to banish the mosquitoes, Exorcism, especially on the day of Doan Ngo.
Wormwood is pure, in feng shui it can be used to transform energy from old objects and belongings. In the olden times, burning some wormwood leaves the old things or household items for about thirty seconds, can remove the bad deodorizer of the old object, bring prosperous wealth, Cool roof.
It is because of the idiosyncratic properties that have the extraordinary effect that wormwood has become and is becoming a precious medicine, a folk plant that is extremely important to human life.

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