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The effect of wormwood according to Feng Shui
20 June, 2017
Lá ngải cứu
Feng shui tips to avoid evil gas during the Doan Ngo Festival
20 June, 2017
Trees not only decorative effect, creating a fresh air, but according to Feng Shui, some plants have the effect of exorcising ghost evangelism quite useful.
Many plant species have unique structures and functions, as well as being closely related to the spiritual realm. They take a protective role in human life. There are many people who do not believe in feng shui but you can grow some plants to avoid evil spirits and to attract good luck to your family.
You can refer to some types of feng shui trees to avoid evil to protect the house from the perspective of folklore as follows:
1. Peach tree to make the demon

Dao is the essence of Ngu Hanh, experiencing a cold winter, when just in the spring immediately it came out flower buds. Peach blossom is supposed to help longevity, so every year when the new year usually take the peach hanging on the door, can be augmented.
2. Wormwood: avoid the evil effects of the devil

In the past, people have planted or hung wormwood leaves on the porch to ward off the evil effects of the devil. Today, people continue to do this simple and effective folk way.
At Doan Ngo (5/5 Lunar New Year), taking the plants that are wormwood to “tiger”, you can avoid the devil. Burning wormwood to ward off evil spirits, diseases, bring good luck and health to everyone in the family.
3. Ginkgo tree: protect the house from bad omen
Ginkgo bilberry – also called almond tree, fancier tree – not only works in traditional medicine but it can also expel demons. The ginkgo tree can live for thousands of years and because its flowers only bloom at night, humans are rarely seen. Therefore, many people still see the ginkgo tree as a mystical power to protect the house from bad omens, unfortunately.
The ancients used it to make the seal, the preacher prevents the devil.
4. Chrysanthemum: used to eliminate the harsh

The cypress (or cedar tree) is a tree that symbolizes the straight, not flattering, tree of the tree. Cypress wood has a fragrance and its vigor is heroic, as it is comparable to that of the soldier, so it is possible to eliminate the hardship.
5. Willow: exorcism
Willow is the name of a star in the octave, which has played a role in eliminating the evil from ancient times. So if you feel restless or indoors, it is best to plant willow in the garden or hang a willow branch outside the door.

6. The lake to leave the evil and evil

In feng shui, the lake is a tree that can be exorcised. Because the tree has many fruits, many seeds should be called “multi-blessed”. People often plant trusses around the house so that everything is peaceful, nice.
Above are the plants that have decorative effects in the home but the effective deviant and protect family members. Wish you and your family peace and happiness.

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