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Feng shui tips to avoid evil gas during the Doan Ngo Festival

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Plants that exterminate the devil should be planted indoors
20 June, 2017
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Wormwood and love
20 June, 2017

Doan Ngo Festival is the fifth day of the Lunar New Year. Doan means opening, the boat is noon, the boat is starting at noon. Yang is the sun, the positive energy means the beginning of positive energy. This is called Doan Ngo Festival, because May is the month of sunshine, the sun is like the sun at noon. On this day, according to folklore, to expel evil spirits, the family prosperity, people often hang or burn plants like wormwood, bồ kết … Here are some tips Feng Shui dispel evil spirits
Hang God hammer
Hang on the door to dispel domestic violence, whether your home or rental housing, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.
Hang Wormwood or cactus

At the top of the door hung a wreath of leaves or cactus branches, preventing the devil coming into the house. Note that hanging before the three hours carved to achieve the highest efficiency.
Put the curls in the house
In the home as well as in the corporate office, you can put some wormwood leaves, which will work to dispel the wrong breath. In addition, you can also bring a little wormwood with you also very effective.
Wear sanded wires
You can use a multicolor thread and a long rope to hang on the door, worn on the arm or neck, and can also be hung at the cradle if there are children in the home, which will prevent it. Woe, welfare, increase life expectancy.
Carry incense bags (incense) according to people
To prevent disease and exorcism, not only during the Doan Ngo Festival but throughout the day, you should bring some incense alongside. Ingredients for incense include royal pearls, which work to dispel the gas. Not only pleasant scent will also make the spirit more relaxed, contributing to increase the strength.
Removal of evil spirits
Locust, saffron, ylang ylang, grapefruit, grapefruit, lemongrass, ginger, cardamom threads … have a very good effect in disease prevention. You should cook a pot of water to cover the whole family to bathe, to prevent skin disease, just dispel the gas, the body also feel better.
On Doan Ngo Festival’s Day, you should use some wormwood leaves that have been dried before and burned. Whether it is the living room or the bedroom, the wormwood is burned to create a pleasant scent, while also having the effect of “chasing demons”. However, when implementing the need for fire safety.
Should eat foods that are five-fold to eliminate poisoning, policing
Those who are sick during the day should be born more effective than normal days.
If you leave this day should stay away from the hospital, where the funeral, do not stop in the dark place, because these places are too heavy, easy to kill diseases, evil gas.
If the weather is not favorable, health is not good, Doan Ngo Festival can measure the use of peach or digging peach wood to yoke.
Doan Ngo Festival is also a time of excessive air, drink tea or cool drinks to health.

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