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Feng shui tips to avoid evil gas during the Doan Ngo Festival
20 June, 2017

In Chinese, the word ‘woo’ is synonymous with the word ‘love’, so in folklore, if you use a heart-shaped pouch containing the wormwood leaf inside it will bring good luck to love. . Bring a gift to your lover, will bond the affection between the two.

Wormwood or wormwood, is a very common plant species. The book “Dumplings” has described its shape and properties: “This grass lives for many years in the mountains, sprouting in February, white, four and five meters high. Leaf grows from the beginning, dry after the frost. ” This common plant, however, has a lot of cultural significance.

In the past, wormwood was used to look at fortune tellers. Grasses formerly known as geriatric grasses, were the most senior, among the grasses, in ancient times used for flushing (see fortune-telling). But the grass is not easy to find, so it is often replaced with worm grass. Therefore, it has a great effect on the removal of evil spirits, which is not good.

The “Erotic” called the dew point of the ice to get fire. Up to the time of the rope, there are still people using wavy velvet to get fire, ie using a knife to ignite by flickering fire splash fire, ignited velvet, used to light, or burn sulfur bar to create silk. In addition, the old people used to use light velvet to light. It has the effect of lighting, so wormwood resembles the symbol of luck.

The greatest use of wormwood is acupuncture. Ancient medicine has many records of this use of wormwood, the myths involved are also numerous. These notes are of a certain truth, all talk about the unique effect of wormwood in acupuncture.

On Doan Ngo festival, wormwood is used to hang on the door or burn to remove evil spirits, to bring out the family.

Wormwood has a temper, bitter taste, leaves have the effect of treatment of dysmenorrhea, hemorrhage, cold chill. It can be made into wormwood oil, have cough effect, cure inflammation and inflammation, and treat asthma.

Some people use sponge leaves as a perfume bag, hanging on their side, with the desire to dispel the disease, evil spirit, bring good luck.

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