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Moxibustion Machine

Healthy gift – best present for the lovers

1. Lesson from the ball of life

Everyday, life is a game with 5 balls called: work, family, health, friend and spirit. If work is concerned about a rubber ball in which it can be thrown to the ground but still bounced up, the remaining balls are fragile glass.

Nevertheless , Vietnam have persisted a paradox: we are very focused on periodic maintenance and caring for motobikes or cars but for personal and loved relative’s health .Because the human body is a machine that have expiry date and if we do not care properly, time life will be shorten.

2. Healthy gift.

The growth of social life goes with creased pressure, people strives for career busy so not only health but also family life is difficult to balance.

In recent years, Healthy Gift is being favored by many people.This present is not only carried humanistic meaning but also a profound gratitude that can not be expressed by words for parents ,loved ones or the venerable leader.

Moxibustion machine is an unique health presents , brings full meaning. This is an achievement after 14 years of research by the galenic physicians Pham Thi Chan, she worked with the desire to contribute to improving public health. The events of invention: Moxibustion Machine which is awarded Monypoly Patents and won a  numerous prizes are the evidences of the effectiveness in curing back pain, headache, insomnia, weakness, physiology, sciatica , facial paralysis and distortion mouth

Moxibustion machine is an alternative solutions  for your lover’s health in busy life.The message : Please taking care of this Heathy Gift as well as your lover’s heath while you could.

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