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24 May, 2017
Khanh Thien worm medicine
24 May, 2017


The wormwood grows spontaneously throughout the bamboo ridge of the village, wormwood (also known as Medicinal Plants, High Medicinal Plants, Yogurt, Yogurt …)

Wormwood essential oil has antimicrobial effect, has high therapeutic power, it is applied strongly in both oriental and western medicine.

Wormwood is applied as a precious medicine, which can cure many diseases for all ages. This herb is also used in many delicious and nutritious dishes for thousands of years.

The wormwood is very good, so wormwood can be used for: from infants to the elderly.

The therapeutic support effect of wormwood has been promoted by Khanh Thien Pharmaceutical Company in the product “wormwood powder pack”:

For adults:

Psychiatric treatment, Psychiatric, Meditation, Circulatory system – Circulatory – Blood – Blood, Conservative speech, Gas, Gas – Gas, Blood, Hypertension, Hypertension, Hypertension Rheumatism, only …

+ In western medicine: help relieve pain, reduce swelling, muscle relaxant, muscle relaxant, muscle relaxant, detoxification, disinfectant, antiseptic antibacterial, internal medicine, psychic, Circulatory circulation, Pain and hemolysis … Pain – aches – fatigue …

Due to climatic conditions such as Feng, Han, Low … It is a traumatic experience in the body, long lasting symptoms (pain) such as: pain, fatigue, bone pain, headache, pain in the neck, pain Nerve pain, swollen red pain, pain in the joints, tendon stiffness, pain all over your body … then Rung – Soak with powdered wormwood filter Khanh Thien filter very effective to treat the ailment mentioned above.

+ Especially, when bathing with “Khanh Thien Powder”, it can be used to treat dermatological diseases such as: Chams, Scabies, Scurvy, Itching, Leeches, Leeches and Wounds. Long-term burns (if present on the body) after bathing or salvaging directly into the wound will give immediate effect. Because the characteristics of wormwood oil and medicinal herbs in the composition of Khanh Thien powder is: strong antiseptic, help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, reduce swelling, relax muscles, soften, detoxify, Circulation, circulatory circulation, soften the hard place swollen pain and hemorrhage accumulates …

– If there is no bathing conditions in the whole body can soak feet each evening to help promote blood circulation, mental refreshment, very good for sleep, sores sores caused by foot and leg defects.

– Apply wormwood powder in shoes or knee pads to help combat foot odor effectively.

For children:

+ For children with itchy rashes, acne, sores … For soaking bath powder with Khanh Thien powder will improve significantly sores sores after a bath. In infants do not have pruritic acne pruritus … should also give the baby a bath once a week to circulate blood, antibacterial, anti-inflammation, itchy rash.

+ Special treatment of diseases of the chickenpox, chicken pox, measles, rash …. Need to spray powder to help the body worm (sweat), Dispersion of heat, poisonous shaft (detoxification out) …

For women :

+ Cover the surface with tamarind powder powder filter Khanh Thien: Using powder packs of wormwood powder dipped hot while filling the eyes, face, nose, forehead …

– Apply to eyes: Help to whiten dark circles around the eyes, relax the eyes, bright eyes.

– Nasal area: Treatment of headache, sinus of the forehead, sinus, nasal discharge …

– Apply to the face: blood circulation, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, reduce swollen pimple acne pimple inflammation, soften skin tone, facial pink, fading sunburn …

Also wormwood powder to dry also works:

– Used to get drunk, hatched into the mouth and nose and inhaled.
– In a car or hanging in the house, in the bedroom, bathroom, restroom … smell pleasant smell and dissolve the soldering sound, eradicate the flu virus, especially to the bed head pillow will feel Pleasant ventilation, headache and deep sleep.
How to use Khanh Thien powder:

thuoc bot ngai cuu 6

** Note: The effects of the product may vary, depending on the status of each person.

1 / Dry:

Place the wormwood powder pouch in the hot steam outlet of the sauna cabin, steam room or steam heater.
2 / Sauna – body bath:

For 1-2 packets of narcissus powder 50g (or more depending on demand) dip into a kettle or boiling water, boil for 3 – 5 minutes to burn (if you want to Burn) then pour into the bath. Add water to the old hot (temperature depending on the maximum tolerance of each user) to soak the body as folk often do, soak until the water is hot enough to stop, if you want to soak for a long time. Add boiling water, do not soak until water cool.

** Note: The effects of the product may vary, depending on the status of each person.
3 / Foot soak:

For 1-2 packets of wormwood powder 20g (or more depending on the needs) dip into the pot or boiling water boiling, boil for 3 – 5 minutes to go to face (if you want to) then pour into the bucket or Dipping tools and add water to the old hot (temperature depending on the maximum tolerance of each user) foot soak as folk often do, soak until the water is still hot, if you want. For soaking for a long time, add boiling water and do not soak until the water cools.
While bathing, use a packet of hot packs of filter bags on the pain, on the joints, knees or put on the head, face, especially on the neck area to help blood circulation to the brain very well … demand.

** Note: The effects of the product may vary, depending on the status of each person.
4 / Feng shui welding:

Sneezing in the nose – dilute, cold in the body, heavy mouth vomit – spills … In this case, use Khanh Thien powder as an emergency medicine.
– Take 0.5 liters of boiled water, dip a packet of Khanh Thien powdered aloe powder 20g boil for 1-3 minutes, divided into 5 to 10 parts, drink a hot part, depending on the degree of exposure. Cold or heavy cold that drink more or less. 2-3 times a day until no symptoms of cold, when feeling relieved in the nose no more relieved, no abuse.

** Note: The effects of the product may vary, depending on the status of each person.
5 / Bathing for children:
– Infant: Dip a packet of Khanh Thien powder for 20-30 minutes in a baby bath, bath for 3 – 5 minutes, such as bathing, hot bath suitable for bathing.
– Larger children are more dense depending on their needs.
– For children suffering from pimples, ulcers, sores, the denser phase for active treatment helps to prescribe, disinfect, remove pus, reduce swelling, pain, aches … for the wound.

** Note: The effects of the product may vary, depending on the status of each person.
6 / Reuse Khanh Thien filter powder:
– Winter: Spray clean water into a medicine bag and moisten it in a microwave oven for a few seconds or until it is hot enough, or dip the wormwood powder into boiling water for hot and then lift it up. Apply to the face as a guide.
– Summer: Apply moisturizer pack into the cooler of the refrigerator, apply to the face … to help relax, circulate blood, look pink, smooth beautiful skin.

** Note: The effects of the product may vary, depending on the status of each person.

Note: Read the directions carefully before use.


Type 20 packs x 20g / box -> price 225,000 / box

Type 24 Box / Bin

Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture.
Storage: Store in cool, dry place, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

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