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Pham Thi Chan: People who “lift” the wormwood and rescue methods

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14 March, 2017
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20 March, 2017

Journey of 17 years of invention of worm gear

According to Pham Thi Chan, the headquarter of Company No. 193, Kenh Duong Road (Le Chan District), with a research and development kit for rescue and wormwood, said that “if Korea has trees Ginseng Vietnam has wormwood trees. The value of disease prevention and the economics of wormwood is not small. ”

Forage wormwood has long been a precious medicinal plant, has many essential oils, easy burning, long burning should be selected as medicine for the “rescue” method. But with traditional remedies, there are a number of disadvantages, such as: the presence of a physician during treatment, the physician and the patient consuming a lot of time, easily causing burns, often leaving scars. According to the aerodynamic principle, the smoke rising up along the oil of the drug increases the effectiveness of the drug … Therefore, this method is less applicable, the risk of missing an apricot. Overcoming the disadvantages, giving salvation to promote the value in care and protection of people’s health is the aspiration of many scientists.

Pham Thi Chan with the passion of traditional medicine. In the process of studying this subject, she became excellent student of Professor Nguyen Tai Thu and Professor Hoang Bao Chau (the leading experts in Vietnam and the world in the field of acupuncture and Oriental medicine). After many years of anxiety, in 2000, she decided to implement the idea of ​​making a handy rescue machine convenient and safe for patients. Have ideas, she rushed into the study forgot all day and night. From every institute, school, lab, wherever you are. To have money for research and production, while in the country she has been curing both the disease and the trade; When abroad, she is willing to hire enough to satisfy her passion for research.

In 2005, Pham Thi Chan’s first manual worm rescue machine was launched in the joy of surging. But, dissatisfied with the results achieved, she continued to work on improving the machine in the modern direction, improving the effect of drug treatment cough medicine. She also traveled everywhere to investigate climate and soil conditions, ordering wormwood farmers. Up to now, worm and worm medicine continues to be studied to improve the improvement of therapeutic effects.

Compassionate heart

From the research results, the project was supported by the Vietnam-Finland Renovation Partners Program and the Danang People’s Committee to support the expansion of production. Sprays and worm tablets are completed and widely circulated both at home and abroad. With effective treatment and prevention, the product is well received by consumers. To date, more than 1 million salvage machines have been sold to consumers. The machine is compact, flexible, even rescues even closed areas that manual methods can not do. The worm pill after combustion is put into the combustion chamber of the machine, thanks to aerodynamic pressure, the heat carrying the oil is pushed out the nozzle, swirling straight into the grave area, penetrating the meridians without penetrating into the meridians. Burns the skin.

According to Pham Thi Chan, salvage machines and worm tablets are not only used in the hands of physicians, but “everyone can be his own physician.” This product rescues the treatment of many diseases such as: hallucinations, vestibular, headache, back pain, facial paralysis, obesity, hallucinations, asthma, … In particular, Wormwood helps dissolve the sound of welding, limit some diseases spread seasonal …

Along with the efficacy of the treatment, the successful production of saunas and pill dispensers opens the door to new healing in Oriental medicine. At the same time, creating large material areas, wormwood trees into high economic value.

Not only the inventor, entrepreneur but Pham Thi Chan’s wife is also a rich philanthropist, when actively participating in volunteer activities. At present, she supports nearly 1 billion VND to build a bridge in Nam Tin village, Nam Po district (Dien Bien province). With Pham Thi Chan, philanthropist is also a cure, a meaningful job, bringing joy and motivation to overcome difficulties in work and life. Therefore, while busy with work, she always arranged time for charity activities. Instead of lunch break, she spends half an hour to find difficult situations or take advantage of social protection centers, hospitals to visit, give presents to difficult circumstances. For you to love is to receive happiness.

“Survivor and narcotic sprays are patented, exclusive industrial designs and brand monopoly.” The Ministry of Health is licensed to circulate products nationwide. Khanh Thien will be granted a science and technology enterprise certificate from 2014. ”

By: Hai Phong

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