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Galenic Physician PHAM THI CHAN – a typical face of patent scientist

The prime minister met with unconventional inventors
16 May, 2015
Gameshow: Vietnamese Creation 2014 – with inventor of Khanh Thien moxibustion machine and wormwood bar
4 June, 2015

On 12/5 in Hanoi, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and Leadership of  Ministry of Science and Technology met 63 amateur typical inventors 2015 which also held by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This group inventor are self-studying and  not combined by Professional Science & Techlonogy organization. This meeting is part of a seri events being organized to celebrate the Day of Science and Technology of Vietnam in 18/5, to honor intellectual, creative ability of the masses, encourage labor passion in the strata generally and particularly for the patent women. They are people who actively contribute in the construction and development of the country.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is talking to the inventors

63 amateur inventors attended the meeting are typical examples that representing wisdom and creativity of the masses across the country. In which ,inventors Physician Pham Thi Chan is one of three women, honored to be the only inventor of Haiphong in 2015. She was the one who invented Moxibustion Machine, wormwood bar  and other medicine made from wormwood plant..After 15 years of research, she has created successfully Moxibustion machine, contributed to treat many diseases.

The inventor Galenic Physician Pham Thi Chan

Inventor Galenic Physician and the Minister of Science and Technology Department

The inventor Galenic Physician Pham Thi Chan and Undersecretary Tran Viet Thanh

Moxibustion machine is designed as the shape of hair dryer, easy to use, flexible, can move freely in all of the patients postures: straight, standing, leaning, lying, sitting, hide corners of body are very easy and convenient. The unit is composed of nearly 50 detailed, dropping 220 V direct current to 5 V current. Not only physician can use easily but patients also (just ray moxibustion  machine in curing accupoint area)


Mechanism of action of moxibustion machine are: Wormwood bar was taken into the combustion chamber until burning well, and immediately extracted wormwood oil. Then the wind system will push hot air in parallel lines with the body machine and bring wormwood oil passes through the chamber booster nozzles ,ray into the accupoints, deep into the meridians.

Using Moxibustion machine and wormwood bar at home is saving money, do not waste time as well as travel expenses and did not bother because of waiting at the hospital,this method is also safety, comfort for the user. It’s true what the Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam was raised: “The invention must be innovative ideas and the initiatives should come into specific products which can be  measured, counted and sold”. Moreover, till 2014, many thousands of Moxibustion machines were supplied to serve many domestic and abroad users. Not only patients but healthy people also can use moxibustion machine to do nourishing exercises. In next time, Moxibustion machine will be continued studying for higher quality and technology.

The inventor Galenic Physician Pham Thi Chan is curing patient


In the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung also confirmed that the country’s achievements over the years always associated with intellectual, creative ability, research and application of science and technology of citizens. In the context of Vietnam is focusing on completing the market economy, integration deeply into the world economy, creative elements, research and application of science and technology continue to play an important role, enhance productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of the country, the economy, the enterprises  and the Vietnam’s products  in the international Market. This is a decisive factor in the development of rapid and sustainable  industrialization and modernization of the country.

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