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Wormwood Medicinal precious plants of the Vietnamese

A brief description of the magnet and rescue
14 March, 2017
Sputum solution
14 March, 2017

– Moxibustion Machine and Worm Tablet have been granted the patent by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

– The research project has been signed by the project “Innovation Partners in Vietnam – Finland”.

– Worm tablets have been tested not to irritate the skin at the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Testing.

– Rheumatoid raging old age.

– Seborrheic paralysis after stroke.

– Rheumatism, aches and pains.

– Diary, impotence.

– And hundreds of other diseases.



Wormwood is a kind of medicinal precious and very familiar to the Vietnamese people for thousands of years, is popularly used in many popular dishes, Nutritious and applied as a precious medicine, can prevent many diseases for all ages.

Wormwood has many essential oils, easy to burn, burn long, has the effect of healing circuit so it has been for thousands of years he was chosen as a medicine for the “Savior” method.

“Saving” is a precious legacy in the treatment of diseases of Oriental Medicine, simple and easy to do but high therapeutic effect, good protection for human health.

However, traditional handicraft relief still has some disadvantages such as: It requires the participation of physicians during the treatment process, which is both troublesome and time-consuming for both physicians and patients. Human, easily burns, often leaving scars. And according to the aerodynamic principle, the smoke that comes up with the oil of the drug increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

So the method of manual salvation up to now is no longer suitable for modern life. So, although it is well known that the effects of the “cure” have a very high therapeutic effect, physicians nowadays are less likely to be cautious. Most patients come to the “Acupuncture” treatment is actually only “Cancer” rather than “Save”. Therefore, the “saffron” today … A precious legacy of Oriental Medicine is at risk of being lost tomorrow.

With great effect in the care and protection of human health, prick and rescue has been applied, maintained and developed throughout the world. The current. The World Association of Acupuncture (WFAS) is active in 127 countries and regions.

Overcoming the drawbacks of traditional salvage methods, in order to bring a precious legacy of traditional medicine into modern life, serving, caring and protecting people’s health is the aspiration of Scientific researchers for many years.

In the world and even in Vietnam there have been many patent studies that refine this method, based on electronics, mathematics, physics … To study the development and modernization of rescuers Work to achieve the highest therapeutic effect.

But it is not until the product “Moxibustion machine and Worm medicine” of Science and Technology – Khanh Thien Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company was born, the disadvantages of the method of rescue before the manual worm overcome. thoroughly.

Based on the inherited selective medical system and thousands of years of clinical experience of ethnic medicine, combined with the application of modern scientific and technological achievements, Pham Thi Chan has been invented – Moxibustion machine and wormwood medicine. The product has outstanding features: Convenient, easy to use, safe, fully promote the effects of drugs, save time for both physicians and patients, ensure environmental hygiene. And in particular, the patient can also self-treat some common illnesses for themselves and their families without necessarily having to depend on the physician.

Simple, easy to operate, flexible in any position: straight, vertical, tilting, lying, sitting and even hidden corners of the body, even rescue areas that rescue methods Public inaccessible.

Moxibustion machine and Worm medicine are the first and only modern rescue equipment in Vietnam as well as in the world. It can be said that this is a patent model that integrates both modern and traditional scientific knowledge. The product has inherited the traditional treatment methods, while overcoming the drawbacks of manual handicrafts before. The successful implementation of the research project “Moxibustion machine and Worm medicine” has contributed to the traditional medicine heritage development, consistent with the trend of modernization Traditional medicine, timely adapt to the public. Science and modern life, and help maintain and preserve traditional healing practices. An ancient culture of oriental medicine.

Please share with you products of Moxibustion machine and Worm medicine. Hope this new scientific product will help you and your family to have health and fun!

Associate Professor, Doctor of Medicine Nguyễn Bá Quang

Member of the Executive Committee of the World Acupuncture
General Secretary of the Acupuncture Society of Vietnam

Director of the Institute of Acupuncture Vietnam

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