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Modern Moxibustion device with Hue people

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8 June, 2015

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19 June, 2015

   Anyone who has received and practiced oriental medicine will definitely familiar with the word “moxibustion”. Because of high medicinal effects, this method has been used since 3000 year BC and nowadays 127 countries in the world are still practicing this method.

The traditional method is to put a slice of fresh ginger on the points requiring treatment, then put a handful pile of wormwood (dried and pounded) on top of that, light the wormwood pile to let the heat and wormwood oil infiltrate, warm and nourish the points. Later on, medicine has some improvents: roll the wormwood powder into a cigarette shape, finger size, light up and put near the points…

There are a lot of drawbacks in the traditional way like troublesome preparation, time wasting, easy to cause burns, and may leave scars,… and according to the aerodynamic principles, hot air fly up, taking the amount of oil needed for treatment along. This loss reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

Therefore, the traditional moxibustion method is no longer suitable with the modern life. Despite knowing the medicinal effects of moxibustion, the physicians rarely apply it because of these disadvantages. Most of the patients who go for “acupuncture and moxibustion” treatment, in fact are mostly treated by only acupuncture. As a result, moxibustion – a precious heritage of oriental medicine is on the edge of losing.

In the world today, there are lots of scientists using modern technologies, based on the principles of electronic, mathematic, physic,… to research on the improvements of this method for the highest medicinal effects of this method.

We are pleased to introduce to you the set of moxibustion machine and wormwood bar by KhanhThien Company. These products solve the draw-backs of the traditional methods. The machine is able to extract the oil of the wormwood bar, with the hot air flow pushed out of the nuzzle, go directly to the moxi-points, penetrate without burning the skin. The device design is small, user friendly, versatile to move in all positions and to all areas of the body, even to the blind spots that traditional methods cannot reach. Temperature and oil amount is controlled according to time and speed by the users.

The products were evaluated by the international scientists and experts: this is the invention combining knowledge of modern and traditional science. It resolves the draw-backs of manual methods, and at the same time inherit the precious medicinal treatment of oriental medicine. Especially, moxibustion machine is not only effective in the hand of physicians, but the patients can also use themselves (simply point the machine to the moxi-points)

Even prouder, the moxibustion machine was invented by a Vietnamese woman. Author Pham Thi Chan experienced 14 years of researching and experimenting to successfully produced and she was certified patent worldwide, and also licenced by the Ministry of Health for the product distribution.

With the hope of contributing to public health care, repelling diseases, she always considers each invention as a happiness of sharing with and benefiting the society.

Hue people are with the products “moxinustion machine and wormwood bar” by KhanhThien Company. With these products, sickness must leave…

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